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Book Overview

Eric, the weatherman at the Altoona Daily News, had no idea what was in store when he chose to pack a small suitcase with a few clothes, his gold watch, and cufflinks left to him by his father. He set off for England, leaving his devoted and loving wife, Martha, alone and totally bewildered. A Fine How Do You Do is the story of his trip and the lives of those he encounters in Ambleside.

Alma Boeld, a charming socialite in The Lake District, takes Eric under her wing. Alma’s unpredictable brother, her sensitive chauffeur, her two loyal maids, a deftly conniving acquaintance, and a mother with her precocious twelve-year-old daughter fill an eye-opening summer.

Patty Dickson has created a remarkable, clever, amusing, and always insightful novel. As the characters discover themselves, their lives wind their way into your heart and linger.

“A fun romp … and more than just that, an engaging wise voice to delight your day!”
– Jill Schary Robinson, best-selling author of Bed/Time/Story, Perdido, and With a Cast of Thousands